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Herbert Hiley

Herbert Hiley is the General Manager of the STT Group. He is an influential business, sales, and property development expert – having become a business owner at 18.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Herbert Hiley is a leading force behind The STT Group, a family business based in rural Lincolnshire. Herbert’s story begins at a young age with an intrinsic knack for business sensibility. Starting in the company at 15, a sales manager by 17, and a business owner by 18, he set his eyes on lofty goals that some can only dream about. Now the General Manager for the STT Group, Herbie is responsible for everything from sales to purchasing.

But above the money acquired from a successful business, Herbert’s dedication to the craft of building excellent, quality travel trailers, fifth wheels, and caravans is what drives him in the everyday. Herbert’s analysis of the STT Group is likened to that of a Rolls Royce. It’s true, you won’t see one of their vehicles on every street corner, but if you desire quality, there is simply nowhere else to go. It is, in fact, this sense of excellence and exclusivity that has helped create the business into one of the most sought after and largest fifth wheel retailers in the world.

One of the biggest pushes Herbert Hiley has made during his time at the STT Group is his desire for quality and excellence. He is dedicated to providing his customers with the best and most up to date products, designs, and equipment. Having access to the largest names in the RV manufacturing industry, Herbie works hard to offer hundred set floor plans and vehicles that suit the individual’s travel and adventure needs.

As the sole European dealers for Shasta, Sabre, Eurocruiser, Cherokee and Riverside RVs. In addition to Travel trailers and American Fifth wheels, the STT Group also offer fully equipped, comfortable and affordable American caravans available direct from their stock for an unprecedented experience of luxury.

If you ask Herbert Hiley why he’s passionate about what he does, seldom does money come into the conversation. Sure, everyone is passionate about making a decent living, but what sets him apart is his desire to impact an industry with truly excellent products. This, combined with his desire to truly look after his customers, has helped propel him as one of the go-tos in the industry. To Herbert, it’s truly about getting the product right and getting the job done well. Even if it takes a bit more time and resources, his attention to detail and dedication to excellence has solidified him as one of the best around.

In addition to his work in travel trailers and American fifth wheels, Herbert Hiley is also heavily in property development, something that satiates the ever-eager entrepreneur within. Having stepped into the role of business owner at the STT Group at age 18, Herbert Hiley is well acquainted with the grit and hustle it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. For Herbert, in a world that is becoming increasingly interested in quantity over quality, the true test of excellence is taking a job and seeing it through to the end with an eye for detail — a way of life he carries with him in both the property development and the retail fifth wheel industry.

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